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The deceleration Line electric cars fast can be much slower run faster than the car faster
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【Chinese electric car network] the safe operation of motor vehicles technical conditions GB September 1 implementation date for more than a month, in accordance with the new GB per hour more than 20 km, 50 km, weighing more than 40 kg of electric vehicles, motor vehicle as a moped into management areas. According to incomplete statistics, Xi'an, there are about 400,000 electric cars, which "allegedly" excessive electric car a few.

Statistics: Xi'an market electric cars are mostly excessive

It is understood that the implementation of a new national standard requirements, speed of more than 20 km, 50 km, weighs more than 40 kg of electric vehicles will be included in the motor vehicle management areas as mopeds. According to incomplete statistics, the traffic police department, Xi'an existing electric car more than 40 million units, which handle the licenses of more than 30 million units, more than ten million of the estimated no more licenses.

"To be honest, the speed of the electric car in the market over the GB people to buy electric cars is to figure fast, if the speed of only 20 km, who spent thousands of dollars to buy electric cars?" Yesterday, in the the umbrella Tower Road, Xi'an Electric bike sales, a street, a well-known brand of electric car sales staff said, electric cars per hour at 35 km / hour or more, and some also claim to reach 60 km, the faster is the main selling point of the product sales of the various businesses.

The Secret: deceleration Line electric cars can be fast to slow

The impact of the implementation of the new national standard on whether the sales of electric cars? Excessive public to buy electric cars how to do? Beiguan electric bicycle wholesale market an electric car dealer told the public to buy electric cars, the devices on their electric car sales a " deceleration line installed in the seat, If the "the deceleration line" and related components are connected together, the speed of the electric bike can only reach 20-25 km per hour, while the deceleration line is disconnected, at speeds up to 50 km, they are under the purchase who wishes to connect. "You wanted to run quickly to free connection, the speed can be increased by 10 km / hour or even more to want to slow also be disconnected to give you do not think this is connected, repairing electric cars can be connected." Deceleration line in the end how to connect to the boss of selling cars is not to the customer.

Experience: electric cars run faster than car faster

In accordance with the requirements of the "technical conditions of the safe operation of motor vehicles, the new national standard, the electric car's maximum speed of not more than 20 km.
7:30 yesterday morning, Suzaku Road and Second Ring Road interchange, reporters driving from south to north in the direction of the light, six electric vehicles on the parallel lanes also waiting for the signal lights. Green light just bright, four electric vehicles after another "red out. Reporter will maintain the speed of 20 km / h, traveling together with the electric car, but after the Second Ring Road interchange, four electric vehicles has accelerated rushed forward speed of the reporters has maintained a 20 km / h, found that in addition to two by Ms. riding electric cars with reporters is roughly equal to the speed, the other four electric vehicles has long been "flying out" all the way, and the reporter thrown farther. When referred to 30 km / h speed, catch an electric car. Subsequent speed up to 40 km, catch Suzaku Road and Friendship Road Cross encounter a red light, fast electric car to catch up with a run, the other one has been run in the first electric car, turn right at the Friendship Road Cross case of red light not slow down, almost close to the pedestrian zebra back rapid advance.
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