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The development of electric vehicles, or should be "encircling the cities"
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Reporter recently in Tianjin, and other research found that the promotion of new energy vehicles in a large-scale demonstration city encounter "market obstruction, and fourth-tier cities and towns but there is a huge market demand for electric vehicles; electric vehicles in the high-end market cold but was touted by policy broad small electric car market was affected by the pressure.
Many interview experts believe that these phenomena start-up and development of the electric vehicle industry in China is an urgent need for new strategic thinking and dynamic mechanism: should be accurate insight into the potential market, real clear systemic innovation main government industrial policy more effective.

Electric vehicles to promote the existence of errors

In June 2010, the four ministries jointly issued a document to carry out the promotion of new energy vehicles demonstration cities, but the progress is not satisfactory. As of the end of 2011, only five cities in 1100 aim to promote the 25 demonstration cities, the completion rate of more than 50% of the city is only 10. The statistics of the Ministry of Industry in 2011 as a whole new energy automobile production and sales of just over 8000 vehicles, which in 2015 reached a far cry from the more than 500,000 sales target.

Electric vehicles in China as a strategic emerging industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, whether really "immature market," too early to say "? Reporter survey found that is not the case.
Baodi District in Tianjin suburban counties, the reporter saw, starting at four dollars electric taxi very popular market "short supply". Responsible for the operation of the the Tianjin Baitai new energy car rental services company, chairman Huojun Qi introduced Baodi urban, electric vehicles, mainly in the north and south five kilometers from east to west five kilometers inner circle to turn, and the car battery life of up to 120 km, as short-distance means of transport can meet the travel needs of the majority of residents of the region. From the economic point of view, one hundred kilometers of electric vehicle charging costs only about eight yuan, 100 km per day operators count, each driver can earn 4,000 yuan a month.

"Encourage policies in place, electric vehicles in the fourth-tier cities, and a new town, rural has a very large market." Huo Junqi think, since its establishment last year, electric vehicles for rental operators quickly increased to 150. Baodi District only market capacity is expected to more than 1000. "Over 2800 county-level cities, the upgrading of the transport has a vast demand for electric vehicles."

Reporters learned from the Automotive Industry Association of Shandong Province, Shandong Province, a small (low speed) pure electric car production reached 68,000 in 2011, an increase of more than 50%. Market demand in addition to export, but also major suppliers and fourth-tier cities and small towns.

However, did not enter the market close to the "ground gas" private enterprise "10 City 1000," policy support. Huojun Qi said that the existence of errors: the promotion of electric vehicles currently thought that the first electric car to be done all the major cities to promote pure electric car mid-range. Support policy uncertainty, in the face of a large number of market demand, the company has slowed down the pace of development.

Market confusion lies in the direction of disbr />
"On the one hand, the government advocate in the high-end electric vehicles in the development of big cities difficult to satisfactory broad the other hand, small (low speed) pure electric car market, the development is not supported. 'Confusion' of the market is that the direction of dis" Nankai University Professor Liu Gang said: "national policy to support key to big cities, which is unrealistic. example pure electric vehicle power is difficult to guarantee limited air conditioning, speed, mileage, and can not meet the high-end crowd of the city of Comfort speed and driving requirements. "

Huojun Qi also see electric vehicles is very adapt to the small town of comfort and mileage of the vehicle does not require a high crowd. "From the existing market practice and the development of electric vehicles should take the road of encircling the cities."

And market positioning, experts believe that the development of new energy vehicles should be based on small electric vehicles as a breakthrough.

The person in charge of the new energy automotive industry policy research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation Positioning Large - scale Enterprise as Its Core - A Case said, a small electric car technology can be supported by government subsidies affordable, people can afford, the market demand realistic choice. In rural areas and small towns are amazing burst of purchasing power, small (low speed) electric vehicles of both economy and convenience, and better meet the requirements of these consumer groups.

Thinking about how to support and guide the development of the electric vehicle industry, you first need to recognize the law of development of new technologies. "Positioning Large - scale Enterprise as Its Core - A Case said, the early development of in many disruptive technology industry does not compete with the mainstream market competitors for the user, while the focus in the new market segments or edge market foothold. Gradually attract mainstream market customer through continuous improvement of product performance.

In addition, in the primary stage, who is the subject of development of electric vehicles? Positioning Large - scale Enterprise as Its Core - A Case "incumbent" big business lucrative mainstream market, concerns about the huge upfront investment and excess capacity, they essentially do not want to accept a disruptive new technology, but rather to take a cautious, wait-and-see attitude .

Liu Gang believes that electric vehicles with traditional auto industry is not complementary and extended, but instead rely on traditional car prices to the development of electric vehicles, is tantamount to unrealistic; based on the characteristics of the electric vehicles systemic innovation, scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises will become the industry innovative integration leader. Liu Gang introduced, Shandong Liaocheng, Dezhou, Zibo, Weifang, Jining and other places has initially formed a close collaboration between the scientific and technological enterprises electric vehicle industry cluster, some of the key technology and integration achieved unexpected breakthrough, however, is also due to The policy is not clear, the investment is limited.

Creating open classification policy environment

From a practical perspective, the key to restricting the industrialization of electric vehicles has been incomplete technology, but accurate insight of the potential market, the clear and the effectiveness of government industrial policy of systematic innovation main.

First, the development of new energy electric vehicles revolutionary, disruptive new technologies, new industries, to establish innovative strategic thinking concept. Professor Liu Gang, the introduction of the industry with the mature focus of government industrial policy, for completely systematic innovation industries, deregulation of innovative SMEs. Government should encourage enterprises to different levels of product development for potential market, the low-end market is most likely to start, the product series should be low-end to high-end development.

Positioning Large - scale Enterprise as Its Core - A Case also said that the early stages of development in the new energy electric vehicles, the government need to do is moderate liberalization of market access, do
Good specification and guided by the market to pick out the most suitable technology to create a good environment, and the most appropriate, does not mean that the most "advanced". Future demand for automobiles accounted for 2/3 of the market in the countryside or urban fringe, it is expected that there will be a demand of 90 million, low-speed electric vehicles a market advantage peculiar to developing countries. If you always use a high standard, high threshold to limit market access, it is likely we lose the best time of the electric vehicle industry. Huo Junqi "The government must pay attention to market forces in the industry in innovation and promotion, many features of electric vehicles to improved only in the actual market test."

Second, the demand for market diversification, the development of electric vehicle classification standards and regulations to guide technology diversification, product diversification, diversified business model, creating an innovation-friendly market environment. The experts interviewed, classified management, advanced management concepts for the development of pure electric vehicles. Foreign general to a speed of 50-70 km per hour as a watershed, the electric car is divided into a high-speed electric vehicles and low-speed electric vehicles, depending on the criteria of category management. Liu Gang believes that the establishment of a small electric car development category management first test area, to encourage management and business model innovation, and actively explore the emerging industries of strategic management and development of new ideas and new ways.

Third, to break through the traditional vehicle management system, policies to boost the rapid growth of innovative enterprises, the development of the electric vehicle industry policy direction. The experts believe that deregulation does not mean free to reduce market access barriers. Government can filter a few core technology scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises to allow the production and sales of products in the market space in the internal regulations of the particular period and within. The end of a specific time, opening up the market to other companies, the driving force of the rapid development of innovative enterprises.
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