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China's electric car firms want to "pry open the EU market for electric bicycles
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Sept. 3, 9 Bicycle (product) manufacturers aboard international flights landed at Shanghai Pudong Airport, the end of the full 20-day study tour to Europe line. This time, entrepreneurs are testing the waters of the target is an the EU electric bike market.

Ate "cold shoulder" of traditional Chinese bicycle exports to the EU, the electric bike industry seen as the next growth point for exports to the EU.

This judgment is not without basis. World, especially after an urgent demand of the EU, the EU's demand for electric bicycles in growing green. The statistics show that Germany and the Netherlands are the largest market of electric bicycles; Paris plans for electric bike buyers to provide up to 400 euros, or about $ 500 subsidy. The electric bicycle sales in Germany soared from 25,000 in 2005 to 300,000 last year.
Electric bike exhibitors to participate in the 112th Canton Fair is trying to expand the EU market for exports to grow steadily. "International Business Daily" reporters, said electric bicycles in China can rely on the performance and price advantage of its "pragmatism" to win a share in the EU market, but subject to the core technology and brand influence, China's electric bicycle exports to the EU of the road is not smooth.
Comparative advantage

September 26, the application of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association, the EU originating in China, since the bike Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, the re-export of anti-circumvention criminal investigation, which is another trade of the European Union on the use of related products remedies. Previously, the EU made in China, a traditional bike imposed anti-dumping duties of nearly 20 years, it has also resorted to anti-subsidy investigations.

Encounter the stubborn protectionist barriers to trade in the EU, China's exports to the EU's traditional bike slowed the speed. Rebar Wong bike exhibitors Group and Shanghai Phoenix Import & Export Co., Ltd. is responsible for the "International Business Daily reporter said, has already stopped the export business in Europe, the former dominated mainly to the U.S. and Japanese markets, which will lock eyes in emerging markets.

Great bike market in the EU to become a "battleground", how much this plate? Sufficient to show an example. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" news, as the home of Fiat, Ferrari and Lamborghini, Italy in 2011 selling bicycles 1750000, car sales, compared with 1.748 million, which means that the bike sales in Italy after World War II for the first time more than the car sales.

"Compared with the traditional pedal bicycles, electric bicycles is particularly suitable for long-distance cycling needs environmentalists This is also in line with the EU has consistently advocated green travel the electric bicycle exports to the EU has a promising future." Shanghai Forever Import and Export Co., Ltd. CHEN Yan-order, senior manager, told the International Business Daily "reporters.

Compared with the manufacturing of the European Union, China has certain advantages. The Jiangsu the HARTING Technology Development Co., Ltd. technical development chief engineer Xu root libraries in an interview with the "International Business Daily" reporters, said that the EU due to labor costs, equipment costs, and the cost of land and other reasons, the manufacturing cost of an electric bike takes is China's times.
October 3 to October 7, 2011, Xu root library has just participated in the Cologne International Motorcycle and Bicycle Fair (Cologne exhibition). Yadi bike prices fully embodies the advantages, compared with the similar products abroad more expensive, he said.

Xu root library of the International Business Daily reporter said, Yadi show in Cologne with several quality customers from Germany and the Netherlands to negotiate and reach orders promising. "Some consumers do not have too many demands on performance, practical, like so many customers from Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe and the United States and the Middle East have chosen procurement bike products from the Chinese market."

Where the gap

Yadi is one of nine companies to Europe to study. And from the delegation in Germany, Hungary, Austria and other EU countries, all the way to participate in the Munich bike show and bike show in Europe, visited the famous European electric bike, bicycle manufacturers Bosch. Chinese enterprises visited an eye-opener.

According to Xu root library, electric bicycle motor is the core of the system, to control vehicle speeds, instrumentation and battery filling electrical properties. The two main systems of European electric bike is currently dominated by Bosch Motor and Matsushita Electric. Bosch branch in Hungary, advanced automated production equipment and field data management for the delegation enterprise eye-opener.
In addition to the core technology, the electric bike brand in Europe is also a leader in the design concept. Europe electric bicycles exclusively use lithium batteries. European designers seem to follow such a principle point of view, from design concept: the simpler the better and some cars even removed the battery did ordinary bicycle, car dual-use. this regard, the domestic bicycle manufacturers are doing less than. "Chongqing Astronautic Bashan Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sales Manager of the International Business Daily reporter said.

Participated in many international fairs, said Xu root library, Europe electric bicycles and electric bicycles design concept not only obvious difference between the appearance of its connotation of distance. "Intelligent electric bicycle has become the mainstream of European style and deceptively simple appearance of its increasingly high degree of intelligence, of finer material, a good car is often an able collection of arts and crafts."
One of the obstacles of brands factors also constrained the domestic electric cars towards the EU market. EU market acceptance of electric bike brand in China. OEM for EU companies, we had to in order to break into the French market. "Said Chen Yan make.

CHEN Yan-orders and Xu root library, said foreign vicious price competition in China's internal impression is partly due to the inherent brand of electric bicycles in China. "There are some cottage brands to reduce costs by purchasing cheap inferior parts price than us, so not only robbed many of our customers, also corrupt our reputation." Xu said the root library.

Rio Tinto market

Compared with the traditional bicycle, electric bicycle profit more considerable. The price of electric bicycles in Europe from 2000 to 3000 euros. According to a Dutch dealer of Europe delegation enterprises introduce, the distribution electric bike sales profit of approximately 30%, while sales of bicycles only 12% of the profits.

Jun Ma, Foshan City Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., sales clerk the Jinyin pointing to a 26-inch electric bicycle "International Business Daily," the reporter said, this electric car bike cost $ 660, but sold to the European market, the price is 2000 euros, or about $ 2600.

Off Jinyin where the main export market is Europe, the products mainly in the high-end. "We are inspirational to build world-class brands like Apple," Kwan Jin Yin said.

The Yadi company took to the personalized customized roads. In order to expand the European market, the companies plan to different performance products designed for the different characteristics of the European countries. The root library Currently, the company has successfully designed for Brazilian customers a specialty product. "Brazil a long coastline, humidity, corrosion on the bike, so we do the corrosion resistance of paint on the bike surface. Addition, the downhill on the road in Brazil, the performance of electric bicycles to be stronger and the job." Xu said the root library. "Chinese companies want to be successful in Europe must do: First, it is necessary to produce a safe and reliable product; make the customer feel the charm of your product; electric bicycle products should be simple to use, and preferably without maintenance, longer life; dealers recognize your brand, but this is still a long process. "Chen Yan make.
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