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The electric car insurance rate as low as 2% "dire" Why is it so?
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[Chinese electric car network] Now, lightweight, fast electric bike, transport has become an important public travel. But with the growing popularity of electric bicycles, the number of traffic accidents caused also will surge. The electric car is still being classified as non-motor vehicles, not forced to buy insurance policies and regulations, the electric car insurance in recent years, the basic is nobody cares about the state, not only the public its concept electric car businesses no energy marketing, and even insurance companies are rarely involved. Why electric car insurance market would be so bleak?

Status: electric cars and frequent accidents

A few days ago, a man riding electric car with a sanitation truck collided in the North Bridge North under Hashiguchi; Just last Saturday, the reporters coming off the water off the bridge near witnessed grazing incident together electric vehicles and pedestrians, The woman man riding electric cars when going downhill due to excessive speed, crashed into a street car ...... in fact, similar electric car traffic accident almost every day in the event. Although far most of the electric car license, but basically no one will go to the car to buy insurance, so once involved in a traffic accident, financial compensation is often not implemented. In addition, the electric car is stolen is often the vehicle is stolen, many people nothing.

The owners: insured awareness essentially zero

Reporter survey found that the electric car insurance is basically nobody cares much one of the reasons is that piece of insurance, electric car owners did not know. The reporter on Ruijin Road Mart supermarket parking lot in front of a random survey, respondents dozen electric car owners, not "do not know", is "no need".
Interview, the owners of Mr. Zhang told reporters, many years ago to buy the first car ever purchased insurance, he told reporters: "It's like 2003, in the Zhujiang buy the first mainland pigeons when bought businesses recommended 10 yuan insurance later really spend "the original Mr. Zhang's first car stolen in approaching six months," insurance sounds like the warranty for six months, I remember later the insurance company paid out 1,000 yuan, but only in a designated The used to replace their fleets. "

Businesses: insurance coverage as low as 2%

Consumers informed little electric car insurance, that as the electric car businesses optimistic about this market? Before reporters interviewed several hypermarkets responsible, Jinling vehicles mall Wang told reporters: "A couple of days ago, just a insurance companies and we talk about this business, but is still under consideration. "Wang introduced, insurance of $ 100 per year, if the vehicle is stolen in the meantime recourse to insurance companies, but the cap is usually 1,000 yuan, procedures complex, multi-process, even if many consumers know not large are willing to buy. "

Wang also said that the store monthly sales of electric cars in more than 600 vehicles, but there are few owners will be offered on the insurance, only a maximum of 100 car buyers have the intention to buy insurance, he thinks the biggest reason is the electric car robbery, high incidence of collisions, the insurance company does not make a profit. "Not only that, if businesses increased insurance piece, will greatly increase the burden of the stores," Wang told reporters that as far as he knew, on the market there are few businesses selling cars will be shipped with insurance.

Insurance companies: at a loss

"Not just electric cars, and even bicycle, motorcycle insurance, our company did not." Ping An Insurance Company staff Miss Pang told reporters that tens of dollars each premium electric cars, but also the highest one or two hundred The, but Chuxian high risk, most insurance companies do not want to do such a Kuibenmaimai. "In particular, the present electric car is stolen frequency is too high, income and claims for the insurance company can not flat, but is more at a loss of status." Miss Pang said.

In addition, the electric car insurance, the insurance company is difficult to do immediately rushed to the scene to inspect. From claims costs, in terms of the debts of one thousand yuan must also layers to pass through the distributors, manufacturers and other intermediate links, a waste of manpower and thankless. "But a few years ago when bike selling, and bicycles with selling the bike together insurance selling is quite good, I was just to set foot in the insurance industry, a lot of people still willing to pay the price of 20 dollars premium."

Miss Pang Although insurance market development of electric cars is not good, but as long as the public knowledge, like bike insurance before been recognized as this market is still quite large profit margins.
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