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Wuxi Bashan Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.
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Wuxi Bashan E-vehicles Co.,LTD is a subsidiary of Kangchao group, which in charge of e-scooter. Kangchao group Guangzhou motorcycle manufacturing Co.,LTD is set up in 1992, is one of the enterprises producing motorcycle, engine and spare parts, and the first batch to be enrolled in China industry manage catalogue. Since then, the group takes the guideline of “Better management creates higher quality, brand strategy opens the markets”, observes the idea of “people-oriented, faithful management, perfect service”, devotes to create the Yochi quality in the whole world.


Yochi is glorious in recent 20 years, it carried out the aim of high origin , high quality and high standard strictly, and approved ISO9000 international quality system certificate, national Emission certificate, and acquired “China best products”, “Industry detection excellent products, “Customers favourite brands”.Customer’s praise is important for Yochi,, also the valuable wealth for the enterprise. Yochi gets present achievements according to the spirit of doing best products. Yochi must put its heart on e-scooter, make well with strict attitude and concentration spirit in motorcycle industry, and let more customers know “Yochi” brand.


Yaqi lasts its noble bloodline of motorcycle products to e-scooter products, and puts motorcycle’s mature idea into e-scooter. This transition isn’t inflexible, even though motorcycle and e-scooter are transportation vehicles, they can’t be saw as the same products simply, because the market, environment, developing process are different. Simple or mechanical transition may lead to bad effects because of some reasons. Yochi fully know the difference between them. Before turning into the e-scooter industry, Yochi made detail analysis, and got a set of operation models, which combines successful experience of motorcycle with e-scooter, this will achieve better effects.


From now on, Yochi brings its high quality, strict requests into e-scooter industry. When Yochi is in e-scooter industry, its core idea is that “Do e-scooter professionally with motorcycle’s quality”. This idea will raise the magnificent “Yochi wind” in e-scooter industry.

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