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How Much Do They Cost?

Alternatives to boot camps vary in cost depending on the type of program and length of stay. Many programs are eligible for K-12 student loans, available through banks such as Key Bank and PrepGate.

These programs are private pay, which means the family pays for the tuition or monthly costs.

A typical wilderness program costs on average $18,000 for a standard length of stay.

Boarding schools or residential treatment have monthly tuition costs.

A few programs may also be eligible for some insurance reimbursement (such as Aspen Academy in Utah) if they meet the criteria of your insurance company. Please talk to your insurance provider to find out if this is a possibility for you.

If you are interested in student loans, which can make the tuition more affordable through low monthly payments paid over an extended time period, please contact CustomEducation Loans.

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Turn About RanchTurn-About Ranch

Real Ranch. Real Values. Real Change.

Few images capture the imagination more strongly than that of the American Cowboy - this powerful icon of the American West captivates and inspires teens who have become jaded and hostile toward authority. The Ranch setting takes defiant teens out of their comfort zone and reminds them that success is achieved through teamwork and cooperation, not through entitlement and manipulation. They learn that while they might feel entitled to get what they want, when they want it, in the real world rewards come through dedication and hard work.

Turn-About Ranch differs from typical residential treatment centers for troubled teens because it values action not just talk. Your teen participates in therapy and goes to school, but they also participate in the daily running of the ranch. They feed the chickens at dawn and bring the cows in before dusk. These real-life experiences enhance the therapeutic process - we put behavioral changes in action, which is much more effective than just talking about changing behavior.

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