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What's This Thing Called Brat Camp ?

Brat Camp started as a reality TV series in the United Kingdom. The first program to be featured on the show was Turn-About Ranch in Utah, a working horse and cattle ranch for struggling teens. British parents applied to send their teens to Brat Camp, where they were followed for 7 weeks while undergoing therapy and learning how to run a working ranch.

The series was so popular, British TV did three more seasons (and they may continue to do more). Aspen Achievement Academy, a wilderness program in Utah, was another program the TV show featured on Brat Camp.

The popularity did not miss the attention of American television. In 2005, ABC picked up the series and did one summer show on Brat Camp. This show followed the adventures of troubled teens in the Oregon wilderness.

This summer, German TV shot their own version of Brat Camp at Turn-About Ranch.

Brat Camp is merely an affectionate nickname for wilderness therapy programs, which have been around for more than two decades.

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