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Alternatives to Boot Camps in New York, near New Jersey, Washington, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, New York (ages 13-17)

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions is a character development program that promotes personal growth through a focus on insight-oriented experiences. The forested, mountain setting removes urban distractions and simplifies options to help students gain insight into their core values and accept responsibility for their choices.

Alternatives to Boot Camps in North Carolina, near South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia

SUWS of the Carolinas, North Carolina (ages 14-17)

Seen on Dr. Phil, SUWS of the Carolinas offers a wilderness experience for troubled teens ages 14-17 and is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. SUWS of the Carolinas has a flexible length-of-stay, typically between 4 and 7 weeks, with extended care options.

Phoenix Outdoor, North Carolina (ages 13-17)

Phoenix Outdoor is a wilderness therapy program located near Asheville, North Carolina. We work with teenagers, ages 13-17 by stepping in when a teenage crisis has escalated. The program utilizes an outdoor setting to remove distractions, accelerating the process of understanding the issues that are driving negative behaviors. We help you create a plan and process for long-term success and get your teenager to buy into that process, making needed behavioral changes.

Four Circles Recovery Center, North Carolina (ages 18-28)

Four Circles Recovery Center is an innovative addictions, substance abuse and co-occuring mental health disorders treatment program that combines a traditional counseling setting with extensive wilderness experiences.

Alternatives to Boot Camps in Utah, near Nevada, California, Colorado

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, Near Salt Lake City (ages 14-18)

Outback's Wilderness Programs blend the best of the "ancient cultural systems" with the most effective and proven therapeutic processes. Your troubled teen will experience the highest standards of safety and therapy in the context of one of the most powerful settings for real change - the wilderness.

Turn-About Ranch, Utah (ages12-18)

Seen on TVs Brat Camp, Turn-About Ranch is a short-term, high-impact therapy program that emphasizes family values and relationships. This co-ed program is located on a working horse and cattle ranch in Escalante, Utah and accepts students between the ages of 12 to 18. Licensed as a residential treatment center, Turn-About Ranch has 30 students on campus and offers education and treatment with a Christian-based philosophy.

Alternatives to Boot Camps in Idaho, Washington, Montana, Wyoming

SUWS Youth & Adolescent, Idaho (ages 11-17)

SUWS Adolescent and Youth Programs specialize in helping struggling teens with behavioral and emotional problems. Operating in southern Idaho since 1981, SUWS has assisted young people with identifying and working through internal conflicts and emotional obstacles that have kept them from responding to parental efforts, schools, and treatment. Licensed as a Children's Therapeutic Outdoor Program through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Alternatives to Boot Camps in Oregon, near Washington, California

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Adirondack Leadership Expeditions

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions is a wilderness program for troubled teens that promotes growth through a focus on insight-oriented experiences.

Wilderness programs for troubled teens serve as excellent alternatives to boot camps because teens learn through natural consequences and positive peer relationships.

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