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Wilderness Camp Safety: Putting the Risks in Perspective
children have the best chance to enjoy the outdoors safely and explore some of the challenges of nature under the watchful eye of wilderness instructors trained in first response aid and who themselves have spent years in the wilderness. Many of the teens participating in wilderness programs are in greater danger by staying at home and continuing their self-destructive behaviors.

The Changing Face of Wilderness Therapy
Because wilderness therapy programs take young people out of their collusive home environment and away from their negative peer group and sources of drugs, they have become a popular choice for families with a loved one struggling with substance abuse.

What about Wilderness Therapy?
Long-term follow-up studies with families have demonstrated the effectiveness of wilderness programs.

Is My Child Ready to Come Home from Wilderness Camp?
Wilderness Camp Has Come to an End: What Do I Do Now?

Is Your Teen Ready to Change?
Applying the Stages of Change Model in Wilderness Therapy

What's This Thing Called Brat Camp
Last summer ABC aired a documentary called Brat Camp, which followed students through a wilderness program.

Are You Sure It's ADHD?
With all the attention on attention deficit disorder, you might overlook differences in symptoms that indicate bipolar illness, or other mood disorders.

Teens and Antidepressants
What parents should know.


Wilderness Programs and other Alternatives by State >>>

Aspen Education Group: offers well-established outdoor therapeutic wilderness programs that can effectively change the way your teen interacts in the world. A study by the University of Idaho showed significant improvement among teens who attended SUWS, Short-term programs range from 28-35 days and offer flexible lengths of stay. Cost for a typical 28-35 day stay ranges from $8,000 - $14,000.


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Gabriel in the Wilderness - this story was originally published in the New York Times and follows the story of a father's decision to send his son to a wilderness therapy program. He offers insights and tips for parents considering this option for their child.

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Do you have an overweight teen?
Learn more about programs for teen weight loss.

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Adirondack Leadership Expeditions

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions is a wilderness program for troubled teens that promotes growth through a focus on insight-oriented experiences.

Wilderness programs for troubled teens serve as excellent alternatives to boot camps because teens learn through natural consequences and positive peer relationships.

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions >>